Awareness Quiz

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Q1. Baku is the capital city of which country? 
(a) Azerbaijan
(b) Kazakhstan
(c) Kyrgyzstan
(d) Uzbekistan
(e) Afghanistan

Which Indian region is the only place in the world where the Asiatic Wild Ass is found? 
(a) Sunderban
(b) Leh and Ladakh
(c) Coromandel
(d) Rann of Kachchh
(e) None of the above

Q3. Which among the following is the largest Buddhist monastery in India?
(a) Ghum monastery (West Bengal)
(b) Rumtek monastery (Sikkim)
(c) Twang monastery (Arunachal Pradesh)
(d) Kursha monastery (Jammu & Kashmir)
(e) None of the above

Q4. Which Indian state is the largest producer in the world of the golden coloured 'Muga' silk? 
(a) Assam
(b) Orissa
(c) West Bengal
(d) Karnataka
(e) Manipur

Q5. Raj Nath Singh is current Home Minister in Narender Modi government. His constituency Situated at? 
(a) Bhopal (M.P)
(b) Varanasi (U.P)
(c) Patna (Bihar)
(d) Jalandhar (Punjab)
(e) Lucknow (U.P)

Q6. Who is the governor of Andhra Pradesh? 
(a) V. Shanmuganthan 
(b) E.S Lakshmi Narasimhan
(c) Banwarilal Purohit
(d) Ram Nath Kovind
(e) None of the above

Q7. Dachigam Wildlife Sanctuary  is situated in which of the followingIndian state?
(a) Uttarakhand
(b) Haryana
(c) Jammu and Kashmir
(d) Rajasthan
(e) Uttar Pradesh 

Q8. Capital of Afghanistan is? 
(a) Tirane
(b) Kabul
(c) Luanda
(d) Yerevan
(e) None of the above

Q9. Ahmedabad is also known as.....
(a) Abode of the God
(b) Land of Black Diamond
(c) Boston of India
(d) City of Prime Ministers
(e) Pensioners Paradise

Q10. Which city is served by Rajiv Gandhi International Airport? 
(a) Ahmedabad
(b) Kochi
(c) Kozhikode
(d) Hyderabad
(e) Guwahati

Q11. NRI Day is observed on which of the following date? 
(a) May 8
(b) February 24
(c) March 18
(d) April 17
(e) January 9

Q12. Wankhede Stadium is in wich of the following city? 
(a) Mumbai, Maharashtra
(b) Chennai, Tamil Nadu
(c) Kolkata, West Bengal
(d) Delhi
(e) Pune, Maharashtra

Q13. Name of the parliament of Australia is......
(a) Shora
(b) Federal Parliament
(c) People’s Assembly
(d) National People’s Assembly
(e) National Assembly

Q14. Nizam Sagar Dam is in which of the following state? 
(a) Madhya Pradesh
(b) Telangana
(c) Bihar
(d) Karnataka
(e) Maharashtra

Q15. Narora Atomic Power Station is in which of the following Indian state ? 
(a) Uttar Pradesh
(b) Rajasthan
(c) Tamil Nadu
(d) Maharashtra
(e) Karnataka
Solutions :

S1. Ans.(a)

S2. Ans.(d)

S3. Ans.(c)

S4. Ans.(a)

S5. Ans.(e)

S6.  Ans.(b)

S7. Ans.(c)

S8. Ans.(b)

S9. Ans.(c)

S10. Ans.(d)

S11.  Ans.(e)


S13. Ans.(b)

S14. Ans.(b)

S15. Ans.(a)

Computer Quiz

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Q1. Which key should you use to indent the first paragraph of your report?
(a) tab key
(b) return key
(c) space bar
(d) shift key
(e) None of the above

Sol. Tab Key can be used for indentation.

Q2. Which of the following is true about Assembly language? 
(a) It is a Machine Language
(b) It is a High-level programming language
(c) It is a low-level programming language
(d) It is a language for assembling computers
(e) None of the above

Sol. An assembly (or assembler) language, is a low-level programming language for a computer, or other programmable device 

Q3. Which operating system is defined as self-contained in device and resident in ROM?
(a) Multiprocessing OS
(b) Batch Processing OS
(c) Multi-threading OS
(d) Embedded OS
(e) Real Time OS

Sol. An embedded operating system is a specialized OS for use in the computers built into larger systems. Embedded Operating System is self-contained in device and resident in ROM. 

Q4. What is an ad hoc query?
(a) Pre-planned question
(b) Pre-scheduled question
(c) Spur-of-the-moment question
(d) Question that will not return any results
(e) None of the above

Sol. An Ad-Hoc Query is a query that cannot be determined prior to the moment the query is issued. It is created in order to get information when need arises and it consists of dynamically constructed SQL which is usually constructed by desktop-resident query tools.

Q5. A _________ is used to direct and dispatch data packets between different networks.
(a) Connection
(b) Bridge
(c) Gateway
(d) Hub
(e) Router

Sol. A router is used to route data packets betweendifferent networks. It reads the information in each packet to tell where it is going. If it is destined for an immediate network it has access to, it will strip the outer packet (IP packet for example), readdress the packet to the proper ethernet address, and transmit it on that network.

Q6. Dr. E.F. Codd represented ______ rules that a database must obey if it has to be considered truly relational.
(a) 10 
(b) 8
(c) 12 
(d) 6
(e) 5

Sol. Dr Edgar F. Codd, after his extensive research on the Relational Model of database systems, came up with twelve rules of his own, which according to him, a database must obey in order to be regarded as a true relational database.

Q7. Example of telecommunication device is a ________ .
(a) modem 
(b) printer 
(c) keyboard 
(d) scanner 
(e) mouse 

Sol. A telecommunication device is an electronic device used for communication via a telecommunication network. 

Q8. What is ‘Trend Micro’?
(a) virus program
(b) anti-virus software
(c) just a program
(d) All of these
(e) None of the above

Sol. Trend Micro is an antivirus.

Q9. Storage of instructions in computer memory to enables it to perform a variety of tasks in sequence or intermittently. Who introduced the idea of stored program concepts?
(a) Charles Babbage
(b) Dennis Ritchie
(c) Howard Aiken
(d) John Neumann
(e) Anna Lovelace

Sol. In the late 1940s by John von Neumann, proposed that a program be electronically stored in binary-number format in a memory device so that instructions could be modified by the computer as determined by intermediate computational results.

Q10. Which among the following is the reboot where the power to the system is physically turned off and back on again, causing an initial boot of the machine?
(a) Toggle 
(b) Cold booting
(c) Warm booting 
(d) Logging off
(e) None of the above

Sol.  Reboots can be either cold (alternatively known as hard) where the power to the system is physically turned off and back on again, causing an initial boot of the machine, or warm (alternatively known as soft) where the system restarts without the need to interrupt the power.

Q11. Main memory works in conjunction with _________.
(a) special function cards
(b) RAM
(c) CPU
(d) Intel
(e) All of the above

Sol. Main memory works in conjunction with CPU

Q12. A(n) ________ allows you to access your e-mail from anywhere. 
(a) Forum
(b) Webmail interface
(c) Message Board
(d) Weblog

Sol. Webmail (or web-based email) is any email client implemented as a web application running on a web server. Examples of webmail software are Roundcube and SquirrelMail. Examples of webmail providers are AOL Mail, Gmail, and Yahoo!

Q13. Which of the following is true about relational database?
(a) It is a collection where data can be arranged in only rows
(b) It is a collection where data can be arranged in only columns
(c) It is a collection of data arranged in rows and columns
(d) All of the above
(e) None of the above

Sol. In relational database, data is arranged in rows and columns.

Q14. Which of the following is a folder that retains copies of messages have started but are not yet send to the recipient?
(a) Inbox
(b) Outbox
(c) CC 
(d) Sent Items
(e) Drafts

Sol. A draft is simply an email message you haven't yet sent.

Q15. Which of the following is required to communicate between two computers?
(a) communications software
(b) communications hardware
(c) protocol
(d) access to transmission medium
(e) All of the above

Banking and Financial Awareness Quiz

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Q1. High-powered money is produced by?
(a) Commercial Banks
(b) Co-operative Banks
(c) Ministry of Finance
(d) Reserve Bank of India
(e) None of the above

 Which of the following Indian Act has been replaced by the enactment of FEMA in 1999?
(a) FERA
(b) Indian Copyright Act
(c) Indian Patent Act
(d) Both (b) and (C)
(e) None of the above

VAT is imposed on.........?
(a) Directly on consumer
(b) On all stages between production and final stage
(c) On first stage of production
(d) On final stage of production
(e) None of the above

Increase in net RBI credit for Central Government represents?
(a) Monetised Deficit
(b) Fiscal Deficit
(c) Revenue Deficit
(d) Budgetary Deficit
(e) None of the above

What is ‘Hawala’?
(a) Illegal transactions of foreign exchange
(b) Full details of a subject
(c) Illegal trading of shares
(d) Tax evasion
(e) None of the above

Euro Bond is an instrument?
(a) Issued in the European market
(b) Issued in Euro currency
(c) Is a bond denominated in a currency not native to the issuer's home country
(d) All of the above
(e) None of the above

The Reserve Bank of India has asked all the banks to install ‘Note Sorting Machines’ in the branches. How will this help banks and the general public?
I. The machines will check for counterfeit notes and drop these from circulation.
II. The will help banks to count the notes quickly and accurately.
III. This will help in sorting out soiled notes so that they are not reissued by the banks.
(a) Only II
(b) Only I
(c) Only III
(d) Only I and II
(e) None of the above

As per the guidelines issued by the RBI, banks are preparing for a service which will allow customers to withdraw upto Rs.1,000 using their debit cards from notified shops/stores all over the country. All such shops/stores will have ‘POS’ terminals for the same. What is full form of the ‘POS’?
(a) Payment on Sale
(b) Power of Sale
(c) Point of Sale
(d) Payment Order Service
(e) None of the above

Which of the following is considered as the financial capital of India?
(a) New Delhi
(b) Kolkata
(c) Ahmedabad
(d) Mumbai
(e) None of the above

One of the major emphasis of Basel II is that banks should have?
(a) Adequate Capital Adequacy Ratio
(b) Only few braches in urban centres
(c) More and more branches in rural areas
(d) Core banking mode of operation
(e) None of the above

‘Closed Economy’ is that economy in which ............?
(a) Neither export nor import takes place
(b) Deficit financing takes place
(c) Only export takes place
(d) All of the above
(e) None of the above

The SDR was created by the IMF in ____________ as a supplementary international reserve asset, in the context of the Bretton Woods fixed exchange rate system.
(a) 1945
(b) 1969
(c) 1980
(d) 1991
(e) None of the above

The headquarters of SIDBI is in?
(a) Lucknow
(b) New Delhi
(c) Mumbai
(d) All of the above
(e) None of the above

 LIC of India was established in?
(a) 1897
(b) 1956
(c) 1970
(d) 1965
(e) None of the above

2nd Narasimham Committee Report relates to?
(a) Insurance Sector Reform
(b) Banking Sector Reform
(c) Agricultural Sector Reform
(d) Industrial Sector Reform
(e) None of the above

Awareness Quiz

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Q1. Which city, founded by Udasi Sikhs Guru Ram Rai, is capital of Uttarakhand?
(a) Almora
(b) Dehradun
(c) Haridwar
(d) Roorkee
(e) Nanital
The state is divided into two divisions, Garhwal and Kumaon, with a total of 13 districts. The interim capital of Uttarakhand is Dehradun, the largest city in the region, which is a railhead. The High Court of the state is in Nainital.

Which ocean is popularly known as the 'Herring Pond'?
(a) Arctic Ocean
(b) Indian Ocean
(c) Atlantic Ocean
(d) Pacific Ocean
(e) None of the above
The eastern coast of North America I.e. the Atlantic ocean is the habitat of Herring fish in abundance.That's why it is called herring pond.

Idukki Dam in Kerala is built across which river?
(a) Kaveri
(b) Vaigai
(c) Pamba
(d) Periyar
(e) Ganga
The Idukki Dam, located in Kerala, India is arch dam. The dam stands between the two mountains - Kuravanmala (839)m and Kurathimala (925)m. It is built on the Periyar River, in the ravine between the Kuravan and Kurathi Hills in Kerala, India. At 167.68 metres, it is one of the highest arch dams in Asia and third tallest arch dam.

Which chariot-shaped temple, built by King Narasimha Deva I of Ganga dynasty in 13th century, is also known as the 'Black Pagoda'? 
(a) Sun Temple, Konark
(b) Jagannath Temple, Puri
(c) Lingaraja Temple, Bhubaneswar
(d) Meenakshi Temple, Madurai
(e) Venkateswara Temple, Tirumala
Konark Sun Temple is a 13th-century Sun Temple at Konark in Odisha, India. It is believed that the temple was built by king Narasimhadeva I of Eastern Ganga Dynasty in 1255 CE. The temple complex is in the shape of a gigantic chariot, having elaborately  carved stone wheels, pillars and walls. The monument was also called the Black Pagoda'(Kaala Pagoda).

'Raja', 'Rani', 'Rocket' and 'Roarer' falls, collectively known as Jog Falls or Gersoppa Falls, are formed by which river in Karnataka? 
(a) Netravati
(b) Dandavathi
(c) Vrishabhavati
(d) Sharavathi
(e) None of the above
Jog Falls, Gerosoppa Falls or Joga Falls is the 2nd highest waterfall in India located near Sagara taluk, Shimoga district in the state of Karnataka.Jog Falls is created by the Sharavathi River dropping 253 m, making it the second-highest plunge waterfall in India after the Nohkalikai Falls with a drop of 335 m in Meghalaya.

In what shape is the medal of the Bharat Ratna award designed? 
(a) Lotus Petal
(b) Maple Leaf
(c) Peepal Leaf
(d) Banyan Leaf
(e) Mango Leaf
The recommendations for the Bharat Ratna are made by the Prime Minister to the President, with a maximum of three nominees being awarded per year. Recipients receive a Sanad (certificate) signed by the President and a peepal-leaf–shaped medallion; there is no monetary grant associated with the award.

Q7. On the banks of which river is the holy city Ayodhya located? 
(a) Gomti
(b) Ganga
(c) Kaveri
(d) Yamuna
(e) Sarayu
Ayodhya is on the right bank of the river Sarayu, 6 km from Faizabad. This town is closely associated with Rama, seventh incarnation of Vishnu. According to the Ramayana, the city is 9,000 years old and was founded by Manu, the first man in the Vedas, and law-giver of the Hindus.

Which among the following National Park is located in Bastar district in Chhattisgarh? 
(a) Kanha National Park
(b) Kaziranga National Park
(c) Kanchenjunga National Park
(d) Kanger Ghati National Park
(e) Keibul Lamjao National Park
The Kanger Valley National Park near Jagdalpur, in the Bastar region of Chhattisgarh is one of the most beautiful and densest national parks, well known for its biodiversity with picturesque landscape, magnificent waterfalls, very famous subterranean geomorphologic limestone caves, and home for the Bastar hill myna, the state bird of Chhattisgarh.

Q9. 'Pattachitra' style of painting is native of which Indian state?
(a) Orissa
(b) Gujarat
(c) Maharashtra
(d) Andhra Pradesh
(e) Kerala
Pattachitra is a general term for traditional, cloth-based scroll painting, based in the eastern Indian state, Odisha. In the Sanskrit language, "Patta" literally means "cloth" and "Chitra" means "picture". Most of these paintings depict stories of Hindu deities.

 Marina Beach, the India's longest and world's second longest beach, is located in which city? 
(a) Puri (Orissa)
(b) Mumbai (Maharashtra)
(c) Chennai (Tamil Nadu)
(d) Kozhikode (Kerala)
(e) Kolkata (West Bengal)
Marina Beach is a natural urban beach in the city of Chennai, India, along the Bay of Bengal. The beach runs from near Fort St. George in the north to Foreshore Estate in the south, a distance of 6.5 km making it the longest natural urban beach in the country and the world's first longest natural urban beach. 

Which river is also known as 'Bengal's sorrow'? 
(a) Damodar
(b) Mahanadi
(c) Hooghly
(d) Gandak
(e) Ganga
Damodar River was earlier known as the "River of Sorrows" as it used to flood many areas of Bardhaman, Hooghly,Howrah and Medinipur districts. Even now the floods sometimes affect the lower Damodar Valley, but the havoc it wreaked in earlier years is now a matter of history.

In which Indian city would you find the Rock Garden, a sculpture garden created by artist Nek Chand using waste especially rags and broken ceramics? 
(a) Chandigarh
(b) Bengaluru
(c) Gandhinagar
(d) Hyderabad
(e) Pune
The Rock Garden of Chandigarh is a sculpture garden in Chandigarh, India, also known as Nek Chand's Rock Garden after its founder Nek Chand, a government official who started the garden secretly in his spare time in 1957. Today it is spread over an area of 40 acres. It is completely built of industrial and home waste and thrown-away items.
Built across the Godavari river, Pochampad Dam is located in which state? 
(a) Karnataka
(b) Maharashtra
(c) Madhya Pradesh
(d) Telangana
(e) Odisha
The Sri Rama Sagar Project also known as the Pochampadu Project is an Indian flood-flow project on the Godavari River. The Project is located in Nizamabad district, 3 km away from National Highway 44. It has been described by The Hindu as a "lifeline for a large part of Telangana".

Which waterbody seprates the India from the island nation of Sri Lanka? 
(a) Bering Strait
(b) Palk Strait
(c) Strait of Gibraltar
(d) Strait of Magellan
(e) None of the above
The Palk Strait is a strait between the Tamil Nadu state of India and the Mannar district of the Northern Province of the island nation of Sri Lanka. It connects the Bay of Bengal in the northeast with the Palk Bay and thence with the Gulf of Mannar in the southwest.

Who among the following is also known as 'Bhartiya Kokila' (The Nightingale of India)? 
(a) Sarojini Naidu
(b) Lata Mangeshkar
(c) Indira Gandhi
(d) M.S.Subbulakshmi
(e) None of the above

Railway Recruitment 2016

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East Coast Railway has given an employment notification for the recruitment of Dresser/ OT Assistant & Radiographer vacancies for Paramedical category in group C in East Coast Railway, Bhubaneswar on contract basis. Eligible candidates can walk in on 27-09-2016 at 10:30 hrs. Other details like age limit, educational qualification, selection process & how to apply are given below…
East Coast Railway Vacancy Details:
Total No of Posts: 04
Name of the Posts:
1. Dresser/ OT Assistant: 03 Posts
2. Radiographer: 01 Post
Age Limit: Candidates age limit is 18 to 33 years for Post 1 & 19 to 33 years as on 01-09-2016
Educational Qualification: Candidates has to possess Matriculation/ HSC & certificate course in dressing from recognised Institution for Post 1 & (10+2) with Physics & Chemistry & Diploma in Radiography/ X-Ray Technician/ Radio diagnosis Technology (02 years course) from a recognised Institute for Post 2.
Selection Process: Candidates will be selected based on interview.
How to Apply: Eligible candidates can walk in along with application in prescribed format, original & self attested copies of all relevant certificates/ testimonials regarding educational/ Technical/ Professional qualification, date of birth, 02 recent passport size photographs on 27-09-2016 at 10:30 hrs.
Important Dates:
Date & Time of Interview: 27-09-2016 at 10:30 hrs. 
Reporting Time: 09:30 AM
Venue: Udayagiri, 2nd floor, Rail Sadan, Chandrasekharpur, Bhubaneswar.
For more details like remuneration, vision standard, place of posting, period of contract & other information click on the link given below….