Wednesday, January 11, 2017

My Darling…
Every day I become a trifle a lot of positive that you simply love and wish Maine, and Maine alone particularly others. There square measure moments once doubt comes, however I beat them by basic cognitive process however my belief within the dreams we've got spun together!

Believe in a love
that is being
stored up
for you prefer
an inheritance,
and have religion
that during this love
there is
a strength
and a blessing
so large
that you will
travel as way
as you would like
without having to
step outside it.

…gives Maine hope. grasp|i do know} the one my heart can notice peace with is out there; perhaps a unknown or somebody I already know. Some way, some how, some day, some where, you and that i are going to be along.
You be you
and I’ll be me…
and let’s trust
the future
to tomorrow.

Let the celebs
keep track people.
Let us ride
our own orbits
and trust that
they will meet.
May our reunion
be not a finding
but a sweet
of destinies!


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