Tuesday, July 5, 2016

1. SAARC provides its charter, summit declaration, activities, events, and publication, for the socio-economic development of member countries. SAARC stand for?
 South Asian Assistant for Regional Cooperation
 Summit Asian Association for Regional Cooperation
 South African Association for Respective Cooperation
 South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation
 South Asian Association for Regional Co-operative

2. Uganda is a landlocked country in East Africa whose diverse landscape encompasses the snow-capped Rwenzori Mountains and immense Lake Victoria. The capital city of Uganda is?
 None of the above

3. North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is an Alliance that consists of 28 independent member countries. Who is present Secretary General of NATO?
 Roberto Azevedo
 Ban Ki-moon
 Christine Lagarde
 Margaret Chan
 Jens Stoltenberg

4. Central Bank of India, a government-owned bank, is one of the oldest and largest commercial banks in India. What is tagline of Central Bank of India?
 The Name you can Bank Upon
 Tradition of trust
 Central To you Since 1911
 Relationships beyond Banking
 Together we Can

5. Justice TS Thakur has been appointed as Chief Justice of India (CJI) for a 13-month tenure till January 3, 2017. He is........CJI of India?
 None of the above

6. An IFSC or the Indian Financial System Code is a/an how many digit code in alpha-numeric format used by the Reserve Bank of India to identify all the Bank branches within the NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer) network uniquely?

7. Thiruvananthapuram (or Trivandrum) is the capital of the southern Indian state of?
 Andhra Pradesh
 Tamil Nadu

8. The elections in India in April/May 2016 include the five state legislative assembly. Which of the following is not one of them?
 West Bengal
 Andhra Pradesh
 Tamil Nadu

9. Parupalli Kashyap is a.............. player from India?

10. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is an international, non-profit, non-governmental organization based in?

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