Wednesday, July 6, 2016

1. The central government has given its nod for renaming __________ railway station in Indore district of Madhya Pradesh after the name of Late Shri BR Ambedkar who devoted his life for development of Dalits was born there.
 Saifi Nagar
 Lokmanya Nagar

2. Who has been assumed the office of Director at ISRO Inertial Systems Unit (IISU), Department of Space, at Vattiyoorkavu in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala recently?
 DK Hota
 Madhav Dhekane
 V Swaminathan
 Sanjay Malik
 K B Koliwad

3. Which of the following card issuer company has launched a premium credit card by the name ELITE recently?
 Axis Platinum card
 HDFC Cooperate credit card
 American Express Gold credit card
 Gold International Card
 SBI Cards and Payment Services (SBI Card)

4. Which country was unanimously elected as the 39th Associate Member of International Cricket Council’s (ICC) during its full council meeting in Edinburgh, Scotland?
 Saudi Arabia

5. Veteran communist leader and former World Peace Council president ___________ has passed away in Mumbai recently?
 MN Roy
 Abaninath Mukherji
 Romesh Chandra
 Tathagat Roy
 None of the above

6. The world’s first Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) ‘Super Fight League’ from August 26 to October 1, 2016, will be hosted by which country?

7. The Union Cabinet chaired by the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has approved signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between India and which of the following country that will help to establish a framework for cooperation between the National Development Unit recently?

8. The Union Cabinet has approved the Interest Subvention Scheme for farmers for the year 2016-17. The Government has earmarked a sum of _____________ for this purpose.
 Rs10,300 Crore
 Rs30,000 Crore
 Rs18,276 Crore
 Rs28,276 Crore
 Rs25,000 Crore

9. The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) approved increase in foreign shareholdings in Axis Bank Ltd to how much per cent from the existing 62 per cent?
 81 per cent
 74 per cent
 85 per cent
 65 per cent
 None of the above

10. PM Narendra Modi inducted 19 new ministers into the Council of Ministers. Who is the Human Resource Development Minister after the cabinet reshuffled?
 Smriti Irani
 Rajiv Pratap Rudy
 Ajay Tamta
 Ravi Shankar Prasad
 Prakash Javadekar


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