Thursday, June 16, 2016

1. Which of the following is part of the CPU? 
 Secondary Memory
 Control unit
 Input device
 None of the above

2. What does FPI stands for?

 Faults per inch
 Film per inch
 Figure per inch
 Frames per inch
 None of the above

3. Cache memory is– 

 Smaller but slower than main memory
 Bigger and slower than main storage
 Bigger and faster than main memory
 Smaller and faster than main storage
 None of the above

4. Which of the following statement is true about Password? 

 It is a code by which a user gains access to a computer system
 It is an entrance without paying something
 It is a pass for viewing movie
 All of the above
 None of the above

5. What are pop-ups referred for on the World Wide Web? 

 Online Advertising
 Search Engines
 Mark-up Languages
 Instant Messaging

6. By which of the following action you cannot close a Word document? 

 Choosing File menu then Exit submenu
 Press Alt+F4
 Click X button on title bar
 From File menu choose Close submenu
 None of the above

7. Software used for database management can store data, __________ it, manipulate it, retrieve it, report it, and print it. 

 All of the above
 None of the above

8. Which topology is similar to star topologies, in a way that it has a variety of single nodes connected to a central node? 

 Rhombus topology
 Tree topology
 Bus topology
 Ring topology
 None of the above

9. Programs such as Internet Explorer that serve as navigable windows into the Web are called __________. 

 System Software
 Web browsers

10. Who invented ENAIC? 

 J. Presper Eckert
 John Mauchly
 Both (a) and (b)
 None of the above