Friday, June 24, 2016

1. Liquid assets means?
 Cash only
 Cash and Debtors
 Cash and Debtors (except bad debts)
 Cash and Debtors (except bad debts) and Marketable Securities

2. Many a time we read about Rural Indebtedness in various newspapers/magazines. What are the main causes of the rural indebtedness? 

II.Inability to repay the loans 
III.Zamindari System which prevents farmers to own the land
 Only I
 Only II
 Both I and II
 All of the above

3. The process of the total valuation of the financial capital assets of a country is technically known as?
 Market Capitalization
 Gross Domestic Product
 Net wealth of the country
 Gross Domestic Resources

4. Which of the following is NOT the part of the organized sector in Indian Money Market?
 Mutual Funds
 Non-Banking Financial Companies
 Unit Trust of India
 Chit funds

5. The term “dormant accounts” means?
 Accounts showing an average balance of less than Rs. 100 during a half year
 Accounts which remains inoperative for an extended period of time
 Accounts which have been blocked under the exchange control regulations
 Loan/cash credit/overdraft accounts which are considered irrecoverable

6. Very often we rad Special Economic Zones (SEZs) in newspapers. What was the purpose of promoting SEZs in India? 
I. They are established to promote exports. 
II. They are established to attract investments from foreign countries. 
III. They are established to help poorest of the poors in India as the activities of these zones are reserved only for poors and those living below poverty line.
 Only I
 Only II
 Only III
 Both I and II only

7. When someone wants to open a new savings banks account, the bank asks him/her to bring various documents. Which of the following is one of these documents?
 Certificate of medical fitness
 Degree Certificate
 Proof of Residence & Identity
 None of the above

8. The main function of IMF is to.......?
 Finance investment loans to developing countries
 Act as a private sector lending arm of the World Bank
 Help to solve balance of payment problems of member countries
 Arrange international deposits from Banks

9. Which of the following is not a part of the scheduled banking structure in India?
 Money Lenders
 Public Sector Banks
 Private Sector Banks
 Regional Rural Banks

10. The rate of interest on Savings Bank Account is stipulated by?
 The concerned bank
 Indian Banks Association
 Government of India