Saturday, June 18, 2016

1. RBI has authorized how many agency banks to accept payments of Income Tax dues?

Answer: 29 

2. The Cabinet has given approval to the MoU between the Reserve Bank and which bank on co-operation on currency swap agreement?

Answer: Central Bank of United Arab Emirates (UAE)

3. The central bank has directed commercial banks to increase the provisioning by how much percent every quarter so that by March 31, 2017, provisioning reached the 15% level — in line with sub-standard accounts?

Answer: 2.5% 

4. Which bank announced the launch of mVisa, a mobile based payment solution?

Answer: SBI

5. Name the bank which has launched ‘Japan Desk’, a single window for inbound Japanese investments in India and vice-versa.

Answer: SBI  

6. Name the bank which become the first financial institution in the country to tie up with the New Development Bank to explore opportunities.  

Answer: ICICI

7. Which private sector bank has been ranked among the world's ten biggest and most powerful companies in the consumer financial services sector on a Forbes list topped by global major American Express?

Answer: HDFC Ltd 

8. Which bank has tied up with, to feature its retail loan products including personal loans, home loans and car loans on its website?

Answer: Yes Bank 

9. Name the bank which has surpassed ICICI Bank to emerge as the third most valued lender in the country.

Answer: Kotak Mahindra Bank

10. Name the bank which has been the settlement bank for e-auction for tea industry.

Answer: Bank of India 

11. Which international bank has announced to open its first branch in India at Ahmedabad, Gujarat? 

Answer: Islamic Development Bank (IDB) 
12. Which bank has confirmed its exit from retail banking operations in India recently?

Answer: The Royal Bank of Scotland 

13. Union Bank of India launched which facility for a single window payment facility of both stamp duty and registration fee for home purchase in Maharashtra?

Answer: eSBTR (Electronic Secured Bank Treasury Receipt)

14. Name the international organization which has launched its first Uridashi Masala Bond.

Answer: International Finance Corporation

15. Who has publicly identified himself as Bitcoin creator?

Answer: Australian entrepreneur Craig Wright 

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