Tuesday, June 7, 2016

1. The Saraf Committee was constituted by RBI in the year?

2. The chair person of Shere Committee was?

 Mr. Rahul Shere
 Mr. R. K. Shere
 Smt. K. S. Shere
 Sri Amit Shere

3. World Investment Report is annually published by?


4. As we know the RBI is the apex Bank of India, similarly, the apex Bank of USA is called?

 Federal Reserve
 The Central bank of USA
 Bank of America
 None of the above

5. The advantages of securitization for a Bank is? 

 It provides liquidity to the issuing Bank
 The Bank capital does not get blocked
 Securitisation proceeds can be used for fresh lending
 All of the above

6. Which of the following state shows the fastest growth in expanding Micro Finance business in the country?

 Andhra Pradesh

7. The process of credit Derivative involves?

 The Protection Seller guarantees payment of principal and interest or both of the Asset owned by the Protection Buyer in case of credit default
 The Protection Buyer pays a premium to the Protection Seller
 Both A and B
 None of the above

8. Which of the following rates decided by the RBI is called “Policy Rate”?

 Lending Rate
 Cash Reserve Ratio
 Deposit Rate
 None of the above

9. Loan given by the banks to farmers/small shop owners etc is known as........?

 Corporate loan
 Business loan
 Priority sector loan
 Commercial loan

10. The Head Office of which of the following banks is in Mumbai?

 Punjab National Bank
 Bank of Maharashtra
 UCO Bank
 Union Bank of India

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