Sunday, May 1, 2016

1. President Pranab Mukherjee extended his greetings and felicitations on 25 Mar to which of the following countries on the eve of their Independence Day?

Answer: Greece

2. The RuPay card payment service will be venturing into the credit card space in Sep this year. This domestic card payment system is launched by?

Answer: NPCI

3. The world’s 50 greatest leaders named by the Fortune magazine recently is topped by?

Answer: Jeff Bezos

4. Vedanta Group's USD 10bn LCD screen plant, which is billed as the country's first, will start production in 2018 in the state of? 

Answer: Maharashtra

5. The US President Barack Obama embarked on a historic 3day visit to Cuba recently. The capital city of Cuba is? 

Answer: Havana

6. Anupam Shrivastava will continue as CMD of which of the following PSUs for another four years as decided by the govt recently?

Answer: BSNL

7. The Supreme Court has allowed publication of photographs of who among the following in govt advertisements recently?

Answer: CMs, Governors, ministers in government

8. Which Bank has become the first bank to commence the sale of Indian Gold Coin (IGC) in the domestic market?

Answer: Indian Overseas Bank

9. The state assembly of which states passed a resolution against construction of SYL canal recently?

Answer: Punjab

10. The Export Import Bank of India (Exim Bank), on behalf of the Govt of India, extended a USD 2 bn to which of the following countries recently?

Answer: Bangladesh

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